Owner-1Cindy Dancer, the proud owner of Snaggle Foot Port Washington, recently returned to Wisconsin after spending 20 years in London.

Whilst in London, Cindy worked in the field of disability and education. She worked mainly as an advisor for various organizations and ultimately as a Rehabilitation Support Worker for Social Services in London. She became fed up with the daily commute and the stressful way of life in London and felt it was time to own her own business and do what she loves, which is to take care of animals.

Cindy has been caring for pets as a Snaggle Foot franchisee for 5 years. Cindy has always wanted to run her own business and enjoy the freedom it entails. Although the hours may be variable, the trade off is that there is flexibility and the opportunity to be home with her own dogs, or at least take them everywhere with her. In addition to her certification in Pet CPR & First Aid.

One of her dogs, Rocky, assisted Cindy and others as a working Hearing Dog for Deaf People, but since his move to the United States, he has been retired by the UK Hearing Dogs. Now that Rocky is retired, he’s enjoying the fabulous canine lifestyle and the company of his newly adopted brother, Cooper, a Shepard Mix named after Cindy’s beloved English Mini Cooper, and Willow. Cindy also has a red Persian cat named Pippi.

Cindy lives in Port Washington and has three adult children 21, 27 and 31 years of age and three grand-daughters ages 8months, 3 and 4 years old.